Moving Forest

Some time ago I discovered a photo of a street parking with a lot of shopping carts filled with bark and a tree planted in each one, like this:

I started wondering why were those trees planted in shpping carts in the middle of  street, and I found out that it was called Moving Forest, and it was a campaing of NL architects.

A week ago or so I sent them an e-mail requesting further information about the project, but still no answer back. So, as always, I’m showing you all that I could collect from the Internet.

Is one of the projects of Urban Play, a paralell event of Experimenta Design 2008, which used to take place in Lisbon, but in 2008 it was in Amsterdam.

The idea came form an ancient children’s story which tells that there’s a forest moving around, and if people get trapped inside, they won’t be able to get out anymore. To be honest, I found this story in just one website, so it’s nothing more than a plausible theory…

The project itself consist of 100 shopping carts as described before. At the end of Experimenta Design 2008 (around November) they were all given away to anyone who wanted them. NL architect Yamamoto planned the expermient as an obstacle in the street way, forcing people to interact with it. The trees belong to different species: Acer, Red Prunus, Green Prunus, Gleditsia, …

I picked the main info from the following websites (thanks all of them!)




P.S.: In the event of an answer from NL architects I’ll let you know