Aakash Nihalani

Hi there!

First of all, I think it’s time to post in Enlgish, so here we go. This fourth post it’s not about technology or conspirative theories. I want to show you an interesting way of street art and its creator.

I want you to know Aakash Nihalani. He’s a New York street artist and he’s been covering this city with tape since 2007. His most recurrent shapes are squared 3D illusion cubes, to highlight hidden lines and corners in the street. As he says:

Aakash Nihalani
My street art consist mostly of isometric rectangles and squares. I selectively place these graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself.

The the few interviews I could read didn’t mention the birth place of Aakash Nihalani (whichis, by the way, seems to be his real name) and other biographical information. However we know other things about him. He started whith the tape work almost by instinct:

 I was part of a student exhibition at NYU where I displayed

a set of silkscreen studies involving the cube. I used painter’s tape to hang the prints on a wall and noticed that the shadow of a pedestal matched the shape in my prints.

Instinctively, I outlined an isometric rectangle in the shadow. There were a few more trials inside before it became obvious that I had to take it outside.

He’s known mainly by his works with tape, but he’s also sculptor and painter. Some of his works are availabe at Charmichel Gallery.

Aakash NihalaniThe goal of the use of fluorescent tape is to increase the contrast with the “muted colours of the city landscape” and make us glance that places that deserve a second look; and as tape is easily removable so cops and street workers don’t complain too much.         Personally, I think he’s been very clever about using tape and not graffiti or other permanent paintings, because like this he can’t be put in the group of vandalists (graffiters, looters, public light smashers, dumpster burners, …)

But it’s not all about highlighting special places. His philosophy goes beyond that. He thinks there isn’t such a formula for live, as modern life wants to apply it to us; that we’re all “fed up with ideas of how life is suposed to be”. We have to find our own way to feel alive and fascinated, and follow it…                                                                                              Aakash Nihalani expresses this thought through his street tape works, making some light   in the grey city, attracting people’s attention to break their monotone lives.

This is a short vision of a very interesting person and great artist. I’m sure he’ll have a brilliant career.

P.S.: If I made some serious ortographical or grammatical mistake I beg you forgive me, just tell me and I’ll correct it. Thank you



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